Krankin’ Thru China

When RL first met Domonic Corradin at the 2016 Disability Sports Festival Coachella Valley, we immediately thought, now here is a guy who has the “wow factor” written all over him.  RL just had to find out more about him, his story and what makes him tick.  So after stalking him for several weeks on social media, we contacted him and he agreed to meet with us, allowing us take some photos and to ask him some personal questions about his life.

Dominic grew up in a small town in western Michigan on a small “hobby” farm with goats, chickens, guinnea hens, dogs and cats.  On one catastrophic day in December 1994, while driving toward home from soccer practice, Domonic suffered a T-5/6 spinal cord injury as a result of a car accident.  He spent one week in ICU and an additional six weeks in a rehabilitation hospital.  The very next day after leaving the rehabilitation hospital, Dominic was sitting in his classroom at Whitehall High School.  At this early age, Dominic already had the desire to “get back to life” as soon as possible.  Not only did he want to get back to life but while he was still hospitalized he was also giving back by being a peer mentor to the children in the pediatric unit where he was treated.

Dominic immediately began to participate in sports by way of wheelchair racing.  He raced for two years and then migrated to basketball which he then played for seven years.  Fast-forward to this present time and you will find Dominic handcycling competitively,  He has been Krankin’ now for six years and is passionate about spreading hand-cycle awareness to people with disabilities.   Between school sports activities and present day cycling, you will have found Domonic doing almost every sport imaginable from skydiving and hiking rugged trails in his wheelchair to wheelin’ at the skatepark and scuba diving.

Dominic shared his story openly with modesty, humor and passion. During our sit-down, I had the opportunity to ask him some very personal questions and he answered each one, withholding nothing.  He told me that it is easy to make excuses not to do something when doing “everything” can present challenges and tap your energy.  The key is your attitude.  He shared that he has alwasy been the “figure it out as you go along kind of guy” and that inspired me to face my very own recovery challenges with a fresh perspective.

Balance everywhere in life is big to Domonic.  You only need to look at his tattoos for confirmation of this.  His sleeves are representative of the importance of living a balanced life.  Domonic continues to live life to the fullest, pushes the limits of being paraplegic but most importantly he sets a standard for what it looks like to live life without excuses.


Domonic currently runs the Handcycle Program for Triumph Foundation which he has done for four years now and on March 31, 2016 you would have found Domonic Krankin’ thru China to promote the sport of handcycling to people living with a disability.

His Goal….To bring the sport of handcycling to those with physical disabilities and  to raise awareness/support of adaptive sports in China.  All in an effort to get more and more people healthy and happy.

Why China?……Domonic speaks candidly about Krankin’ thru China.  Listen now

Letitia Collins

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