Share Your Story – Inspire The World

Overcoming the obstacles that we face in life can become quite challenging  and will often make us feel as if we are running into a brick wall.  How many times have we met with adversity that seems to take us right back to square one?  How many times have we changed course or implemented a new plan to get better results only to find that we’ve just inched a few steps forward?  I’m sure you will agree that its frustrating, right.  Well, I’d like to encourage you to take the focus off of the frustration, instead I’d like you to refocus on the few inches forward that you just achieved.  Why?  Because inches add up!

Refocused Lives (RL) wants to know how your inches are adding up.  We want to hear from you so that we can share your story.  We want to hear real stories from the people who are leading the charge to change minds, ideas and perceptions.

RL wants to show others how they can move beyond perceived boundaries by faith, hard work and dedication.  Because we know that nothing in life comes easily to anyone, we know that we must work hard for our successes (even if they come in tiny increments).  We must fight for them each and every day.  It can be exhausting when life takes you to the limit but it is our job to move beyond those limits. More importantly, we have a responsibility to take someone else by the hand and lead them along the way so that they can also feel the sweet kiss of success and triumph in their lives.   Remember, we are tougher than the situation we are in but sometimes we just need a little nudge or inspirational push to show us how.

Refocused Lives would like to share your story to inspire others.  Submit your information below or share this blog with someone you know.



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