Blake The Bladerunner

I was introduced to Blake Leeper in November 2014, prior to writing for Refocused Lives, when he appeared as a guest speaker for Limb Loss Education Day in Palm Desert, California.  Prior to that day, I had no idea who Blake Leeper was nor did I have any idea of what he had accomplished in his life.  All I can tell you is that I was transformed that afternoon after listening to him speak.  His words brought me to tears, not because he made me sad but because he made me feel so empowered.  I felt as if I could conquer the world after listening to him.  I have listened to an interview that he gave to Tom Bilyeu of Inside Quest several times and I glean something new from it each time.  I wish I could bottle Blake and put him in my purse next to my bottle of hot sauce so that he can spice up my motivation at any given moment!

No matter who you are or whatever your circumstance is, I challenge you to listen to what Blake has to say about a myriad of topics and not be inspired to be a better you.

The above video is one of many that you can find on Blake Leeper… As if the above wasn’t enough to inspire you for a lifetime, click here for more.

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