But We Just Said Never Look Back

Late last week in our very first Quick Tidbit; Quick Tidbit 01, it was suggested that you  never look back unless you were taking inventory of your achievements.   Today, I am going to share an example with you of how I did exactly that.  Almost four years ago on May 25, 2014, I posted the following entry into a different blog on TransverseMyelitisRecovery.com:

TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!!  I gotta share…..  So, this past week I conquered the task of getting into my car then disassembling my wheelchair and getting those darn pieces into the car over me.  I figured that I would test it out someplace other than my garage so I packed myself up into the car and headed to a furniture store to see if they really did have any great sales for Memorial Day.  Well, I got all the wheelchair pieces assembled and rolled myself into the store…..rolled myself out of the store (nothing worthwhile on sale- lol) and while I was getting everything back into the car, an elderly woman came over to me (startled the crap out of me!) and said “I just have to tell you that I admire your courage, this can not be easy for you and I just admire you”.  Well, that just made my day!  It also made me realize that people are watching me (watching us) as we fight our way back to recovery and today I was proud of myself that what she saw was, me on a day that I felt strong and fearless!  Lord knows I have those days when I just want to shut it all down and stay in the house but those type of days are occurring less often.  I guess what I am saying is that I felt rewarded by her comment.  I conquered a task that I was afraid to do on my own and her compliment was like a little message from God telling me… I see you girl, keep it moving!  LOL.  I hope everyone else is doing well today

So today, after re-reading that blog entry, I feel quite good about the strides I’ve made toward recovery over the past four years.  As I look back and reminisce, I can tell you that what I remember the most during that time was the immense fear of failing.   I’m so grateful to God that I was able to move beyond my fears and at least try, for without trying you are guaranteed not to succeed.

So, today I encourage everyone to get out there and give it your best shot! Just try, you’ll be glad you did! 

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