Thriving, Not Just Surviving a Spinal Cord Injury

“If only I knew then what I know now”.  So many of us have uttered those words in our lifetime, wishing that we had only known how to navigate through unexpected health events and circumstances that have knocked us for a loop.  When tragedy strikes we look to family and close friends for guidance and comfort.  But the harsh reality is that our family and friends are often ill-equipped to help, to no fault of their own and everyone involved is flailing in the quest for answers.

Photo Credit: Simon Needham

Richard Corbett, founder of Wheels2Walking is providing newly spinal cord injured people with the answers and guidance that is so desperately needed to help individuals adapt to a new normal.  Richard speaks from experience and shares his journey to recovery from a 50 foot fall onto concrete, landing on his feet, which ravaged him with injury to almost every part of his body.

RC in HospitalHe provides real and raw accounts of his experience, never sugar coating the truth, all with the purpose of connecting with those who are going through similar scenarios.  Richard shares his hacks and how-to’s which will help you to find a new way to live.   His message of strength and hope in the face of tragedy is intoxicating.  His YouTube video’s are binge worthy and his giant personality will heal your spirit.  

If you are asking yourself “what now” after a spinal cord injury, you are guaranteed to find the answers with Richard Corbett on the following media platforms:

Wheels2Walking Website

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