The Adaptive Diving Association’s (Pennsylvania) mission is to improve the quality of life for military veterans and all others within their community facing mobility challenges by providing the freedom of movement provided by the zero gravity environment of water.

Adaptive Diving Association is a volunteer based organization who has served the needs of the physically challenged community from the ages of 10 on up for the past 3 decades! Adaptive Diving Association volunteered its’ services for many charitable events such as Camp Star at Messiah College in Camp Hill, PA, a sport camp for kids 10-17 with a physical disability. The camp’s focus was on fostering independence and providing new sports experiences. During their 20 years as an active volunteer organization for Camp Star, they helped the children overcome their fear by earning their trust and getting under the water with them to play like any other child. In this zero-gravity environment they were free from the constraints of their wheelchairs.

In recent years they have reached out to veteran military men and women who are facing Quality of Life issues; some of which were created by the challenges of a loss of mobility due to single or double leg and arm amputations which can affect their self esteem and self confidence making it challenging to transition back to their civilian lives. By learning SCUBA diving, these men and women experience a renewed sense of self esteem, self accomplishment and freedom which encourages them to see life’s possibilities instead of it’s limitations.

To support their mission they provide all services including SCUBA skills instruction, standard and customized adaptive diving equipment and underwater video/photography for self evaluation at no cost to those individuals who face a battle to live a more independent lifestyle. For additions detailed information contact Adaptive Diving Association:

Adaptive Diving Association, in collaboration with Indigo Industries have come up with a solution to help amputees swim or Scuba with fins which are affordable and easy to attach.

Phone# 832-232-3483
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 144, Schwenksville, PA 19473
Website: Adaptive Diving Association

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