Refocused Lives are Like Open Roads, How Will You Navigate Yours

If you have ever lived in a major metropolis like Los Angeles, California then you have had to navigate your way on the very crowded highways and freeways on a daily basis.  Having once lived and worked there, I can personally tell you that a major factor in planning my day centered around traffic.  It became second nature to know when to leave from point “a” to get to point “b” and just when I thought I had it all figured out, up jumped a traffic accident and ruined all my plans.  I remember many mornings leaving extra early for work at 5:00 a.m. thinking that I would breeze into Pasadena from Santa Monica only to find that everyone else had the same intention and there I sat in traffic yet again.  This was the norm and I learned to adjust and live with it. Read More

Fueled By Faith


My Triumph….

        Throughout my eighteen years of life, I have always been very active, always involved with sports and anything that has to do with presence of speed. By the age of 18, I achieved two black belts. One was in Mu Duk Kwan and my most recent was Tae Kwan Do. I spent my high school career playing rugby with some of the best guys I can call my friends. Since I was five years old I began to develop a passion for motocross. I got my first bike at the age of five and have been riding ever since and even started to compete at local race tracks.

        After I graduated high school I got a job at Inland Empire Driveline Service where I started out as a driver and quickly elevated to the head technician of the shop. At Inland Empire we specialized in high performance driveshafts for high horsepower muscle cars and race trucks. I loved what I did and I was good at it. I had more whole life planned out. I thought I would work at Inland Empire for about two years so I can get experience in welding and then go to an engine building school in Texas to become a National Hot Rodding Association (NHRA) head mechanic and by the age of 26 I would have a good stable job and possibly start a family. But as I soon found out, life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to.
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Krankin’ Thru China

When RL first met Domonic Corradin at the 2016 Disability Sports Festival Coachella Valley, we immediately thought, now here is a guy who has the “wow factor” written all over him.  RL just had to find out more about him, his story and what makes him tick.  So after stalking him for several weeks on social media, we contacted him and he agreed to meet with us, allowing us take some photos and to ask him some personal questions about his life.

Dominic grew up in a small town in western Michigan on a small “hobby” farm with goats, chickens, guinnea hens, dogs and cats.  On one catastrophic day in December 1994, while driving toward home from soccer practice, Domonic suffered a T-5/6 spinal cord injury as a result of a car accident.  He spent one week in ICU and an additional six weeks in a rehabilitation hospital.  The very next day after leaving the rehabilitation hospital, Dominic was sitting in his classroom at Whitehall High School.  At this early age, Dominic already had the desire to “get back to life” as soon as possible.  Not only did he want to get back to life but while he was still hospitalized he was also giving back by being a peer mentor to the children in the pediatric unit where he was treated.

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Mckenzie The Lionhearted

McKenzie was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome and was missing her right foot and leg below the knee.  Also, she has her pinkies and thumbs but she was born with her fingers webbed together which had to be separated by surgery.  It was evident early on that she had a fighting spirit when at the age of 2 she worked her way out of her arm casts.  To-date, she has had two surgeries to condition and shave back the bone in her leg as she continues to grow.  These surgeries will be necessary until she stops growing but she never lets this stop her.

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