Expressive Art & Poetry

The pain is so much that it makes you think about death, about sleeping forever and being free at last.  I wanted to express my life with chronic pain and the pressure of being a functional person, since I work 8 hours a day even with my discomforts. I love and suffer like everyone, I have dreams and hopes, but I’m like a Lamboghini without wheels, as my ex-wife told me. It makes me angry and it hurts me not to be able to do more things and have pain and fatigue all my life.

David Mexia, Artist

David lives in Mexico City, Mexico and paints about three times a month but only does so to vent his pain and frustration.  This is his catharsis.  In addition to creating amazing artwork, David also writes poetry and shared the following writing with us:

Life in a tone of do
I can not take what I’m wearing with dry mouth and candy stones that fall from the sky living on the island ambrosia of storms and ironies in the pleasures buffet without fork or plate always a whit of everything
I keep waiting for too much daydreaming and living asleep when the soul is a kite and the body is wet paper evading the vandal destiny of flowers all paved

I can not go and come to me tangled tangle in diamond and gold tips I do not I’m not going to the road.

And here is another writing by David Mexia for your enjoyment:

Alone, behind the screen trying to survive the terrible Sunday afternoon toasting the broken bag of illusions accompanied by cigars and warm beer, bitter taste honoring with apathy my emotional dyslexia without strength to get off the train of contempt that goes nowhere better than the Sunday afternoons to ruminate for having bet the wrong horse I want nothing and everything at the same time I do not like the people and the little people I like I only hope that the eternal and heavy weekly load ends and sleep and dream freedom only to dawn in the working Monday hell and navigate in my false happiness


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