Gratitude Affects Attitude

During one of my recent workout sessions my coach asked me how the exercise was going and I grumbled some response because I wasn’t happy with my form and didn’t feel as if I were executing the movement perfectly. Coach Ryann checked me right away and positively responded “Hey, its much better than when you started, just keep at it”

His words resonated in my mind over and over again. “Hey, its much better than when you started. Hey, its much better than when you started. Hey, its much better…!

He had no idea how right he was. It was so much better than when I started. In 2010, I became completely paralyzed and lost all sensation in my body from just below my breast line down to my feet. I was unable to care for myself and was completely dependent on others for almost everything. (You can read my full story here.)

I realize now, in that moment at the gym, that I was not operating in a spirit of gratitude. I was rumbling and grumbling inside about what I could not accomplish, instead of propelling myself further ahead toward my goals by remembering how far I’ve come on this road to recovery. Coach Ryann’s words checked me and caused an attitude adjustment but he is not going to be with me 24/7 so I have to learn to check myself and recognize the negative brain chatter before it has an opportunity to take root and thwart my progress.

Indeed, I have come a very long way (see where I started here) and I am so much better but the best is yet to come! Stay in the spirit of gratitude and be encouraged.

FitIn42 Palm Springs

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